Weaving Together Conservation and Sustainable Development for Our Present and Future Generations

The Schaghticoke First Nations Land Reclamation Project seeks to restore the physical and spiritual connection of the indigenous Schaghticoke Peoples in the Hudson Valley to conserve land for future generations, repair the damaged ecosystem, increase biodiversity, contribute to the mitigation of climate change, and promote sustainable agro-food-forestry using indigenous traditional knowledge. In 2019, SFN completed the first phase of the Schaghticoke Land Reclamation Project with the acquisition of 73 acres of land in Columbia County, New York. SFN is currently engaging in the second phase of the project with the development of its agro-food-forestry initiative. The land is called Caskoak meaning "a safe place" or "place of the heron."

Weston Nash Hawk Storm and Baxter Clinto

Caskoak Blueberry Orchard Cleanup

At Caskoak, SFN, Inc. is creating a food forest, or edible forest garden, which is an indigenous food production strategy that strengthens the living ecosystem, by focusing on a harmonious natural relationship not present in factory agricultural systems. This process increases biodiversity and sets our people on the path of right relationship.