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Representatives of Schaghticoke First Nations have lectured at grade schools & universities such as Penn State and participated as panelists with such distinguished organizations as the United Nations; Tribal Link Foundation; and Omega Institute among others. Schaghticoke First Nations, Inc. has also organized special cultural presentations for many organizations, camps, and cultural institutions.

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Land acknowledgments are a respectful, honest, and historically accurate way to recognize the Indigenous Peoples of a land, region, or territory. They can be presented verbally or at times visually (e.g signage).


United Against Oppression is a program initiative of Schaghticoke First Nations Inc. in collaboration with the United Confederation of Taíno People, Inc., which provides a platform for coalition building and racial justice that incorporates human rights education and rights advocacy. In a time of uncertainty, United Against Oppression will seek to organize programs, multi-sectoral consultations, briefings, as well as develop trainings, curriculum, and mediation services that focus on respect for diversity, decolonization, and racial justice. United Against Oppression is unique in that co-organization and program hosting will be a priority for activities undertaken under the auspices of this initiative.

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